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He watched as Antonio rose from his makeshift thrown and slowly walk towards them, his gaze slowly meeting Antonio's, he listened the Antonio greet him, watching his movements, in all honesty, Antonio was the worst king in the world, he could have laughed, while Spaniard tried to act kingly and strong but he it was to...funny to Lovino, perhaps it was because he had seen dozens of other kings or queens come through during balls, he let a small easy smile grace his lips, a she tried not to laugh as he had these thoughts, after Antonio had finished speaking, Lovino held his head high, locking gazes, “Si, I probably would enjoy your beautiful country more though if I wasn't brought in such a disgraceful manner, but all the same Espana is very lovely.” Lovino began, he'd seen how the woman who held power always gave compliments but they always seemed...back-handed in a way, he'd even seen his little sister do it when she got introduced to new people she didn't like, she'd compliment people, then insult them in subtle way and then end it with another compliment if she didn't like them, he would use the same technique so his temper wouldn't take over, 'At least this way I can insult the man and he'll probably just forgive me.' Lovino thought as he waited for an answer.

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