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Character's Name: Kuro Honda.

Eye Color: Red.

Hair Color: Brownish-Red

Personality Difference from regular: His politeness is in honor than in respect. . He is considered cold and judgmental. Nothing ever amuses him. If he is smiling, he's probably thinking of something perverted or you're imagining it. He does not get flustered, does not worry, and keeps his own opinions to himself. He carries a very honorable front, to the point of punishing those considered dishonorable. He holds his katana in his right hand, as opposed to his counterparts which is held in the left. Unlike his counterpart, he has some control in the Axis.

Likes: Seeing 2p!America or 2p!Russia suffer, R-18 hentai, tattoos, martial arts, training, power.

Dislikes: Dishonor, obnoxiousness, 2p!America and 2p!Russia, friendliness, pride (even if he is prideful.).
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