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Post  Colorado on Sun Apr 21, 2013 1:51 pm

Human name: Cooper F Jones
Nickname: responds to colorado, cooper, and druggi

Gender: guy

Human age: 15

State age: around 200, but only with america in the past 130 years

Appearance: -
*long hair that covers his eyes
*green eyes
*clothing changes from winter to summer: In winter, its heavycoats and thick jeans. In summer: Its ugg boots and t shirts, along with long shorts.
*vary, vary light skin
*black hair
*long scar down his back, from the sand creek massacre from when he was a kid
*Curl represents Colorado Springs
*LOVES the color green and black
*a really girly guy, gender nurtral as far as dressing Ex:Waring girls shoes and shirts sometimes
*along with the scar on his back, he has a few burn marks on his arm, from all of the colorado wild fires*

*A bit bi polor,
*Vary...VARY...VARY easy to make mad
*treats you his way, that means that if he likes you you get to go snowboarding and some kick ass chili.
*Vary, vary vary proud to be colorado, he will even take the 'Colorado proud' stickers off of food and put them on himself.
*Eats strange things... Elk, Rocky Mountain oysters, some really messed up ways or making chilli and ect

*supports gay marriage and making pot allowed. He was even part of the group that wanted to change his flag to a rainbow pot leaf

*can play every winter sport in existence,

*He is a bit dull, but generally smart, he will even deny himself wanter and food and snowboarding when he needs to get paper work in or when he is depressed.

*He dose not eat food in meals. Every hour he will go down to a lodge and eat. He only ever eats chilli tocos, and when its not beer, its hot chocolate.

*Is proud to say that he can speak Vietnamese and italian, because they ere huge subsections of denver with those nationalities

*smoker, but only about once a year dose anything other than cigarets
Friends: Russia, only because of all the snow there
Pretty friendly
Neutral with America: He hates him as much as you can hate your big siblings, but still dose nto trust him because of the old days when before he was a state.
Foes: The other states, he thinks that they are always trying to steal his 1) food 2) drugs and 3) snowboard

Random/fun facts:
weapon of choice: Snowboard
If he is really pissed off at you, he will low smoke on your face, or burn you with the end of his smoke


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