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Post  Dark!Netherlands on Wed Apr 24, 2013 2:46 pm

Altered character: A much darker Netherlands than seen in the comics and anime, hence, Dark!Netherlands.

Name: Lars van der Ryjn

Eye colour: Shimmering amethyst orbs that would rather stare through you rather at you, but menacing nonetheless.

Hair colour: Pale blonde.

Personality: He represents the darker side of Netherlands whereas he encourages prostitution and the consumption of drugs whether by pill, snorting or directly injecting it in his veins. He is bold and unmerciful, no matter if he is sober, drunk or stoned. He is not talkative and is mainly careless with a deep hate towards his sister, Belgium and the Nazis.

Likes: Drugs, getting high, prostitutes, sex, alcohol.

Dislikes: Belgium, Germany, Spain, being sober, being denied, caged and Belgium's Dutch dialect.

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