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Le Rules~Read and follow! Empty Le Rules~Read and follow!

Post  Russia on Tue Jan 29, 2013 10:02 pm

!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~LE RULES~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!


Please, for the love of Doitsu, use your better judgment. Be kind, thoughtful, and think before you speak.

2) Personal Info Rule

It is your choice to share personal Info. We are a kind and friendly site that does not try to get that kind of stuff out of you. That said, don't try to pry into others life! If they want to tell you, they will!

3) Formatting

If you want to speak Out of Character, put "((" and "))" around your words! In the chat box, this is the same! You do not have to have perfect Spelling and punctuation, but try to be as best as you can!

4) Joining

To join, you must read the rules,, and if you are a Dark! OC! or 2p! Fill out the forms to apply. ((All are accepted)) Don't pick someones character!

5) Staying Active

If you are gone for more than a month, we will delete your account. If you post that you will be leaving for a bit in the forum for it ((found here: HERE))

6) Be smart and be social!

It’s no fun if you don't RP! Along with this: If you say something that might be of offense to others, it’s up to you to say it! It might get you a scolding from our mods though.

7) Crime and Punishment

If you break the rules. Our mods will tell you and you will fix the issue, rather that be fixing a post, being scolded, or being quiet for a few seconds. We don't like drama here, and we want everyone to have a fantastic RP experience. Opinions are different from making fun or teasing. If the rules are broken, you will be reported and the appropriate actions will be taken. Were forgiving and fair here! and Were not that scary! XD So have fun!

8 ) Multiple Accounts

You can have up to 3 accounts, 2 may be normal characters, but the 3rd must be a OC/Dark/2P to prevent characters being taken up too quickly. All accounts must be active and the rules apply to all.

9) Age Rules

There are no age rules, If you were old enough to watch Hetalia and love it enough to join a site like this, than RP on! We do not care about how old you are, but you have to act mature.

10) Drama

If you have a issue, please PM a mod ((Russia, America, 2p America, Spain, Prussia, or Colorado)) about it and we will get back to you. There is almost always one of us on and we are VERY active. There is no reason to share your issues with us in the chatbox and make people mad or sad about something that was not their issue. And please, I beg you to god and back, don't start fires in the chatbox. This means to saying anything that will make someone mad or sad. No being Racist, ragging on a few nations or Rps, or just saying stuff to make others mad.

11) RP

All RP is welcome here! You may do anything and everything with you characters. In the chat box, You may RP smut and gore as long as everyone is OK with it! There are no bad RP ideas! Please, no busting in on someone’s RP ((if they’re not OK with it first)) No adding yourself to others RP randomly!

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